Update on this blog

About a month ago I posted a bit about struggles I was having relative to the blog.   I wanted to give another update.

One thing I obviously hadn't considered was the incredible amount of time I (and many of us) would have due to a global pandemic.  That has eased the time pressure a bit.  Though oddly, my viewcounts are down.   Are people visiting my blog from work? 

I had mentioned a couple people had volunteered to write captions on this blog.   Well, so far, one has written, but I did compose another in collaboration with a friend of the blog in a very productive chat over Hangouts.

My Patreon is showing some success, and the work of the extra captions isn't weighing me down too much.  If you have some spare change and want to see some captions you wouldn't see here - or maybe get some written just for you - that might be an option.

So for the time being, we will keep rolling.  I hope everyone reading this is healthy and taking care of themselves.  Till next time!


  1. Thanks for the update. Am taking care of family and myself. All healthy.

  2. I'm glad you kept up the blog. Your captions are good fun. Hope you are safe and well.

  3. Like your captions ! Like you I have a kit of time on my hands and I try to do two positive things per day. I've watched quite a few free cable movies and I am drafting plans to return to school after being retired for 8 months. Previously I'd worked 30 years in civil service. Now I have to wait out this pandemic before I can even enroll . or meet with a counselor. Makes me mad ; what can I do about it ? Not a GD thing ; just wait. Keep captioning please

    1. Right...we're all on stasis right now, life on pause. Frustrating definitely, but as along as I come out of this healthy and safe, I won't complain too much.


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