Lucky boy

Partially inspired by a true story. I had a college friend who talked about how she would makeup her male friends and have beauty pageants. She approached me on the idea once, and I said no because I was so nervous and hiding that part of my life from here. A missed opportunity.


  1. I can definitely relate to your true story, especially when you are younger and not so sure of yourself, and where exactly you fit in and even who you are identity wise.

    1. Yep. I remember one guy made over completely as a woman running around the dorm. All I'd have to do was mutter how "sure, anyone can make Thomas look like a'd never manage to do that with someone like me." and we would have been off.

      Though I wasn't as quick a thinker at that age...even had I the gumption I probably wouldn't have been able to pull that off.

  2. Yes they are both lucky boys. I think Anna will have a hard time choosing.

    Thanks for sharing your personal backstory. I’m sure many can relate to it.


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