Boy top 1/2

I like series as much as you.  Just tough to find the pictures for it.  But an idea featuring my favorite type of role and fashion item came to me.

Something that lowkey annoys me about many captions I find is how agreeable so many victims are.  "Oh, I have to dress like a girl?  Okay, let me get a pink minidress on..."  when I think most people would cut every corner, push every envelope to hold on to their freedom and malehood that they could.  That was the inspiration for this caption.


  1. Yeah, what inspired you on this does seem the plausible scenario. Very good and looking forward to the next part.

  2. I love a series! Looks like the boy (if you can call Mia a boy) won this round (sort of) but I'm looking forward to part 2!

  3. I loved this series but looking back on it I'd have loved to found out how they got to this point where they had this arrangement and these "rules." Still love it tho!


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