Camp Sidewinder (5/7)

You may want to read the caption from 7/22 if you haven't yet...


  1. Head scratcher, but loving it still, thanks Ash, looking forward to the next episode.

  2. This one planted quite the image in my head. Imagine a group of average boys (not sure how old these kids are but I pictured early teens maybe mid) trying to plan and choreograph a dance routine as girls where they want to be as convincingly feminine as possible. The boys in their cabin doing girly dance moves. The boys in their cabin trying to get the routine all in sync. The boys working on outfits and costumes, something girly but not too girly, trying them on, doing dress rehearsals.

    And of course imagine how they'd feel watching the real boys competition. Here they are in their cute outfits having practiced choreography and they see the "real boys" flex and pose trying to get attention from girls like them. That's gotta be embarrassing but they can't dwell on it. Before long it'll be show time.


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