Camp Sidewinder (4/7)

You may want to read the caption from 7/22 if you haven't yet...


  1. Thanks Ash, you wrote this so well my heads spinning trying to decide, but loving it.

  2. I could totally see the boys having a hard time putting their competitive sides aside even if they're trying to blend in with the girls. On the flip side it would also make sense for a boy to not even try when playing with girls and thus not risk hurting his male ego or getting to invested in the contest. Personally the tossing the hair back seems like a real girl thing to do whereas competing with those blue nails might be a sign of a boy who didn't think about the fact that he might be doing a tug of war today.

    It seems like the point of this camp is honestly to figure out who the boys are and less to actually go to camp. Not that I'm complaining.


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