Camp Sidewinder (3/7)

If you haven't already, I'd suggest you read the entry from 7/22, Camp Sidewinder (1/7) to provide some helpful context.


  1. Brilliant. My excitement level is escalating.

  2. I get that this series has a bit of a "who is it going to be" theme and as a result we can't focus too much on characters but I'd like a little more character stuff. The concept is so good. That's not to say it isn't an enjoyable series so far.

    The details are fantastic as always. In this one it's the second to last paragraph that really gets me. The anecdote about the Sunset cabin was fun but the next part takes it even further to a better place. The idea of the boys either photo shopping their girly selves into pictures or before going to camp going out and taking a bunch of pictures as a girl so they can convincingly pass as a girl with pics up in her cabin is fantastic. Did these boys actually join the cheer squad and go to concerts as girls. If so at what point are you just actually living as a girl.

    I love the idea that they live as girls to be convincing girls at camp so they don't have to be girls anymore but I also think its hilarious to think of boys asking to just join pictures as a cheerleader or take pics with girls at their school as if they are BFFs as favors. Imagine the conversation. lets call the boy miles and the girl erica.

    miles: hey, i need to take a few pics with some girls like we're best friends. would you mind posing with me.
    erica: uhhh ok?
    miles: and i need to be dressed as a girl. like we need to take this pics like we're girlfriends.
    erica: uhhhhhhh ok?
    miles: so like if i go change into a short skirt and bra and cute top and wig you'll pose with me like ur my bff?
    erica: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i guess?
    *miles comes out as a girl*
    erica: wow you actually make a pretty cute girl. we better find you a boyfriend mia.
    miles: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh do we have to?

    And some have even been junior bridesmaids or princesses on halloween?!?! They either really don't want to spend another summer as a girl or they kind of like it!


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