Camp Sidewinder (1/7)

I have done camp captions before, but this is a first in a series. It's not a cumulative story, but rather an exploration of an idea.


  1. Definitely a great idea, thanks. It would be thrilling for both girls and boys. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it, working it through and then having a crazy idea could a boy infiltrate the girls and see if he is found out. Oh dear, just imagine the consequences :)

    1. Heh...I have an eternally half-finished story on that. I was hoping to finish it this summer, but I don't think that will happen. And who wants to read something like that in September?

    2. Okay, not me having a crazy idea. If you finish the story, whenever, I’d love to read it anytime.

  2. How can you not love this concept or the idea of the boys showing up in pink skirts only to be immediately outed and thus causing another year of living as girls?

    This also brings up the idea of really acting like a girl not just with over the top girliness. The boys have to convincingly be girls, be girly at the right times but blend. They can't be manish but they can't become caricatures of females. Or they can just not lose next time :)


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