"19 Saturdays" published!

My third book is published!  You can get the 31,000 word book here on Amazon.  Below is  the description:

Rachel shares the dream of so many in her generation – to be a viral video star.  Her channel is going nowhere, though, until the night she bribes her younger brother to let her dress him as a prom princess for a video.  A sudden loss in family income gets Mom on board for more, giving Rachel and her best friend Hope help to assemble a series of adventures for “Kensey” that go from a job interview to a practice field, with plenty of videos in between.  They use every trick to keep the stars anonymous, and soon Rachel’s dream career and the family income seem in wonderful shape, until it becomes clear that someone has tracked them down.  Filled with small adventures and a balance between grudging willingness and alarmed compliance, 19 Saturdays brings forth many a trope, updated for the digital age. 

And for my wonderful readers, a only-on-this-blog excerpt as well!

“It’s easy enough, Kensey.  We’re going to give you half an hour to sell these three boxes of cookies at five dollars each.  You know, the going price.”
“And if I don’t?” She asked, craning her head around Mom, who was clipping on Kensey’s new microphone in the polo.  By now, Mom was more willing to get into these shots and be part of this.  I think it was partially guilt.
“Oh, every unsold box is minus 10 points per box,” I chuckled.  “And you have fifteen points because you asked me to paint your nails.  So all you need to do is sell two boxes, you’re all set.  If you don’t...well, there is a supply store nearby.  You’ll find out more then.”
Soon afterward, Kensey was sitting in the back of the car, boxes of cookies clutched in her green lacquered hands. She sat in back alongside Hope, evidently very aware of her skirt.  She’d worn skirts around the house to practice, but this was her first time out in one and her knees were glued together.  As usual, we were in for a bit of a ride to get some distance from home, once we’d gotten a shot of her walking down the driveway out of the home.  I’d learned to help pass the time by shooting video in the car.

I hope you'll consider buying this book.  It covers many of the themes I include in captions on this blog.  I think I'm steadily improving as a writer...I hope you'll think so, too!  (For the rest of my writing you can check out my library page.)


  1. Amazing, I'll get it right now :-)

    1. Thanks! I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions. Let me know here or on my email!

  2. Absolutely brilliant description and excerpt.


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