A question on capping

Question for you, fair readers.

I've noticed that many popular blogs have a photo of a girl and a caption.   And the final work has the story describing the girl in the photo, but not really...relating to what is happening.  For example, it might have a photo of a girl standing in front of a restaurant, and the caption is about a man living as a female.  Maybe (but far from always) including something like "I got a job at a restaurant to make ends meet."

I try to be very careful in matching captions with the action in the photo.   Am I being too picky about that?  I could produce a lot more captions if I matched a generic photo of a female with a generic story.  Should I put out more captions with a weaker photo/story link, or stay as is.  Your thoughts?


  1. from experience, I know you can spend far too much time looking for that 'perfect' picture, if there really is such a thing. and 'perfect' to you may not really matter to the reader. try mixing in a few more captions of the 'weaker photo/story' link and see what happens.

  2. I don't know if there's a yes or no answer to that one. I mean, sometimes you'll have a picture where a very specific action is going on (say the girl in the photo is changing a tire), and it would be a bit silly if the caption didn't touch on that. On the other hand, in your restaurant example, the fact that a girl's standing in front of a restaurant could quite reasonably be incidental and reasonably ignored.

    I guess what I'm saying is that you kind of have to make a judgment call on a picture by picture basis. A girl walking down the street can have a pretty loose connection, but a girl playing baseball or some other specific task should probably have that task addressed in the caption.

    Of course, that's just my two cents worth :)

  3. Glad to see that you're concerned about it but it is hard to do. Personally I prefer that the picture
    match the story in some way. I seldom go looking for a picture to match a story I already have in my
    head, it's time consuming and often frustrating. I usually find a picture I like and let it dictate
    where my head goes for a story. Hope this was helpful and keep up the great work, love your stuff.

  4. I'm fan of stories matching pics. Luv your work

  5. I say stick to what you like to do hun! A great story with just the right picture is much more satisfying!

  6. I start with a picture and build a story from there. If the story goes off from the picture a little I am okay with that. Recap: I find pictures first and then write a story around it in most cases. Maybe 5% of my caps start with a story and then I look for the picture.

    — Kay

  7. I like when the story and photos match. quality over quantity.


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