Monday, September 22, 2014


After about 175 captions, I worry about growing stale.  Using the same storylines too many times.  Being predictable.

I am writing this post to ask what you'd like to see more, or less in my captions.  What caption(s) work for you?  I'm not out of ideas, but I don't want to run out of good ones.  I'll hang up and listen to your comments.


  1. More magic/sci-fi, more ar.

    You could try doing a series of captions.

  2. want to captions involving "the auto closet" from the same titled story from pretty please!!!! thanx!!!

  3. I like hypnosis where the character is aware but unable to stop them self.

  4. Congrats on 175 caps!

    I agree with everything the first poster said about magic, AR (you could always go younger), and series caps.
    And you know my usual requests, summer camp situations, braces, brother (or sister)/sister swaps, willing/consensual or when the changed boy really loves being a ditzy tween. Forced humiliation often rubs me the wrong way.
    First are always good ideas- first bra fitting, first days of school, first concerts/dates/dances
    You could always follow up on some old stories! I know a bunch of your changed boys who I'd love to see fully in their new role... Oo! Some second generation caps, where the grown up boys turned girls make sure their sons follow in their footsteps.
    I also love when the sister teaches the new girl the ropes of being a chick, the more specifics the better (which you often do, cuz you're awesome).

    If I think of more, or you want more laid out ideas, I'll comment again! But thanks so much for the work you do :D -DAGS

  5. I like pageant captions and lost bet captions

  6. Swimming caps, caught in the act

  7. Personally I love captions where the victim is either forced to wear something or is stuck in their clothes, be it with glue or locks or whatever. Those sort of things are really fun in any story context!

  8. I like diaper captions and pageant captions

  9. Peplum tops totally