Saturday, September 22, 2012


Hello again!

First let me apologise for my prolonged absence. Crazy work hours coupled with a a dead PC (it's really terrific when a new PSU not only doesn't power anything, but gives you a free firework show!) have led to a prolonged non-captioning period for myself that I now hope to rectify. That said, I'm sure no one noticed my absence thanks to the marvelous efforts of my collaborator, Ashley! Seriously, the girl has an incredible output and has carried my dead weight for an age! I'm hoping you'll join me in thanking the best lil' ditz on the web for all the effort, and perhaps make a few comments on your favourite caps from the past Crow-free month!

Anywho, back to work! I hope to have a few more caps up in the coming days! Enjoy!


  1. Hey, if she can play in those heels, she's too far gone for any hope!

  2. I'm sure it's more a case of; when she starts to sink in the mud, some strong boy will have to come and stand behind her and help her take her shot...

  3. This is hot, I think. I'm a big fan of the "being made to be inferior" thing. To deliberately lose... and not just lose, but be awful at something... very hot.


  4. Very good one. Everyone should have an exgirlfriend like that.