Friday, September 21, 2012

Reflection Time

Okay folks, it's been a while.   A coupla months.  I'd appreciate it if folks would tell me their favorite and least favorite caption that I did.   This will help me make better ones in the future.  And don't be shy -- your least favorite may well be mine as well.


  1. Church of Steinem was definitely my favorite, i'd love to see more like that, boys having to live a demeaning old fashioned girlie girl role

    i don't have a least fav but i dont enjoy magic or complex sci fi - prefer changes thru hormones and surgery

    hope this helps x

  2. You ask hard questions!

    I think my favorite as Resistance.

  3. Hi!

    I like "I, Naomi Jones" best, because I like the idea of being forced to swear something like that. I think I like "Letter Of Release" least, because the picture's a bit odd and the narrative a little muddled. Keep up the good work, though!