Saturday, August 4, 2012

Typical Scenario

My first 'willing' caption at this site! Huzzah! There is something about the 'willing' scenario that has never quite hit the mark with myself. It's definitely an odd and counter-intuitive aspect to my own brand of the TF/TG fetish, given how deep-down I would probably be relatively willing.

That said, life is good and if a magic-dohicky appeared now and said 'Lo and behold my magicalness, Crow!' 'What wouldst thou ask of me?', I would firstly question it's bastardised pseudo-olde English before not requesting bimboization. The fantasy is fun, the reality likely less so.

But perhaps that very notion feeds back into the 'unwilling' portion of my fantasy. But that's all a little too introspective and myself and my demons have an entente cordial at present, so back to vicarious captioning!



  1. Very clever. I think we've all hatched a scenario like this in our heads during our day-to-day life!

  2. Someone as ditzy with the ball should definitely be a girl ;) I really like this cap...speaks to something I would want to do.

  3. Paul is one clever little Slut!!! ; )