Monday, July 2, 2012


Hail and hello! My name is Crow and this is my first collaboration... and my first blog. As such I'll be learning whilst posting and I can only hope not to make too much of a mess, or show up my partner in this endeavour, Ashlee (Totalditz). I've been a big fan of her blog, My Life OMG!, for a long while now and it will be real pleasure to make captions with her. Having put this blog together, it's safe to say that she's the brains of this outfit... as much as that's subjective given the title, and if we can get something half as good (despite my drag factor) I'll be very happy!

Anywho welcome, enjoy and please comment on anything you like, dislike or anything in between. (Seriously! My sole form of sustenance is comments and critique! And remember, a Crow's for life, not just for Christmas!)



  1. Wonderful idea and great dialogue in this cap! There should be a label on the product when it is finally released...WARNING: Side effects may be awesome... :)