Thursday, July 12, 2012

Really Smart

This caption features some allusion towards change in vocabulary, one of my favourite TF elements. (Pedantic, I know...) The only problem is trying to write these things in a way that reflects the cadence and sound of the speech as I hear it in my head.

A similar problem occurred in a previous caption, namely in my butchered attempts to inject a Teutonic twang to an ageing professor in the post 'Topical'. For me, the few causally dropped 'ze's and 'vot' helps conjure the entire image of speech and character (no doubt the result of years of pulp stereotyping), but it works. I do worry if it does the same for others though... and let's not even get started on interpretation across an international audience!



  1. Oh I really like this one! Its a really great cap. Wonderful story, I loved the way it kept coming back to her friend being really smart!

  2. cindy is so right about the imporntant things

  3. This was another excellent caption. I've noticed you do some of your best work (for me) when you are writing about one rival bringing down another. That resurfacing memory means there is just a little bit of James left in there and that works for me too. As a reader I really want to know that James is aware on some level that he has been defeated.

    1. Again, this is Crow's work. I'll pass on that you like it.