Sunday, July 1, 2012

Letter of Release

Welcome to Not2Brite captions!  I'm your co-hostess Ashlee ("Totalditz" on Rachel's Haven and purveyor of the blog "Tis my life - OMG").  Our goal here is to provide fun TG captions about guys ending up as girls who just, well, aren't that bright.  Those girls could be a range of ages and personalities, so I hope you enjoy your stay.

A particular welcome to my partner Crow...with two of us sharing some of our work, I imagine you'll be seeing some great stuff.   As always comments are very very welcome, and suggestions are as well.  Use the email address   if you'd like.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. It looks like I made it to your first post. So I read every single caption you made on here -- No small feat since I discovered this blog in March of 2018. You are definitely one of the best caption artists I have ever read and I believe that is because you are an excellent writer to begin with. You have such a knack for creating interesting plots and the art of story telling. I wonder if you enjoy seeing the intelligence of your characters brought down to size because you yourself are so intelligent. Being smart is a burden all its own and I think you are very clever.

    1. No small feat indeed! Let me take a second to tell you how much I appreciate all the comments you left. Really energizes me to make more!