Friday, July 6, 2012

I Refer to our Previous Conversation

This was quite a fun caption to make! I always enjoy writing speech in captions and with something like this I can just take off without worrying too much about repetition of synonyms of 'said'!

It's probably also worth mentioning that these are my first captions away from Rachel's Haven, a wonderful community for people who love all things TG. (Seriously, check it out if you haven't already! I'll wait!)

At present I have made just shy of 100 captions over there and really enjoyed making every one! That said, I tend to post for other people and that means trying to hit their preferences (though I'm sure many of my own seep through from time to time). There is definitely something liberating about just posting as a story comes to me, and without tweaking. It has also been a great excuse to review old pictures that I've not found a use for, and that's certainly sparked the inspiration-flavoured neurons!

So, to summarise: Rachel's Haven is particularly awesome (and I loom forward to captioning there again soon!) however, this is fun too!



  1. I love this caption! I'm a sucker for caps centered around limiting vocab. Like, poor Ashlee!

  2. At this rate, the video I want will be nothing compared to the videos I'll probably be making....

  3. She's on her way to being ditzy enuff, but he needs more inspiration. That video must have been really bad.