Friday, July 13, 2012


Dear readers,

Currently, one of every 1,570 pageviews is resulting in a comment.  It's 1 of every 1,950 if you edit out a comment I made on one of Crow's captions.  Please show any appreciation by leaving a comment: it makes our captions better, and more frequent.  Thank you  :)


  1. I get about 1 to every 5,000. So you are doing good!

  2. Yeah, what she said!

    Alas, it is the nature of the times and our 'alternative' views that keep so many in the 'lurking' mode, I believe. It's as though even selecting a "Reaction" would set-off alarms and cause the 'outing' of those whose lives demand that viewing such material remain unknown to those about them, (and, in some cases, it really might send red flags which could compromise someone).

    The best thing to keep in mind is the fact that your stats show all those views! It means that your works are enjoyed, else no one would be coming back! Most TG-Cap bloggers can probably understand the feelings you have at not getting many replies in proportion to your views.

    Just keep on, keeping on! There are more folks liking your stuff than you may ever know, as is evinced by the 'views'. Do caps that you enjoy and because you enjoy it, Li'l Ash, and trust that all those views mean you're on the right track!!!