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Resistance futile! (Couldn't resist!)

One of things that I've thought about before is the personalisation of captions. As previously mentioned, I'm a big fan of Rachel's Haven, and I have captioned a number of people over there (and have many more to caption, as they're all sooo patient with my delayed returns/thank-you caps!)

As in that scenario I am specifically captioning for someone else, I try to slip as many details from their preferences into the caption as possible. The easiest part of this is getting their 'before' and 'after' names into the story. It often gets a little more complex with listed 'protagonist' names etc, and I often fear I am miscasting their imagined characters (awaits beret-wearing director's tirade about verisimilitude and motivation), but no complaints so far.

This brings me to this site, however. I have an audience (I hope!) (I was going to jokingly say 'Hi Mum' there, but the squick factor was too much!), but not necessarily anyone specific as my target for the caption! In light of that, I fancied a go at a 'neutral' caption, and it wouldn't be the first time I've intentionally left details about character out intentionally.

You can't please all the people all the time, but as a Brit I expect everyone to politely clap anyway.


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Amazing Amusement Arcade

If you detect shades of a certain Stephen King book here, it's not an accident.

Friday, July 20, 2012


This was a fun caption to make, the over-done look falling right into my 'comfort' zone. Though oddly enough it was a case of seeing what I thought was there, rather than what was. On my first glance, the chap on the girl's left was just part of the general street crowd. As I post, however, its clear that he is with her and  now I feel a little silly for not even referencing him in the scenario. Ah well. Feel free to imagine away, folks!


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XX Plague

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wild Imagination

One of the bizarre thins I've always liked about the 'bimbo' scenario is the level of 'fakeness' that can be part of it. It's not something I like in all scenarios, nor even something that always works, but the idea of the slightly tacky, very trashy look that screams 'I am more interested in my looks than (let's say) quantum physics' is definitely an intriguing one.


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Dear readers,

Currently, one of every 1,570 pageviews is resulting in a comment.  It's 1 of every 1,950 if you edit out a comment I made on one of Crow's captions.  Please show any appreciation by leaving a comment: it makes our captions better, and more frequent.  Thank you  :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Really Smart

This caption features some allusion towards change in vocabulary, one of my favourite TF elements. (Pedantic, I know...) The only problem is trying to write these things in a way that reflects the cadence and sound of the speech as I hear it in my head.

A similar problem occurred in a previous caption, namely in my butchered attempts to inject a Teutonic twang to an ageing professor in the post 'Topical'. For me, the few causally dropped 'ze's and 'vot' helps conjure the entire image of speech and character (no doubt the result of years of pulp stereotyping), but it works. I do worry if it does the same for others though... and let's not even get started on interpretation across an international audience!


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Take a Good Look

A cap I recently did on the Haven...

Friday, July 6, 2012

I Refer to our Previous Conversation

This was quite a fun caption to make! I always enjoy writing speech in captions and with something like this I can just take off without worrying too much about repetition of synonyms of 'said'!

It's probably also worth mentioning that these are my first captions away from Rachel's Haven, a wonderful community for people who love all things TG. (Seriously, check it out if you haven't already! I'll wait!)

At present I have made just shy of 100 captions over there and really enjoyed making every one! That said, I tend to post for other people and that means trying to hit their preferences (though I'm sure many of my own seep through from time to time). There is definitely something liberating about just posting as a story comes to me, and without tweaking. It has also been a great excuse to review old pictures that I've not found a use for, and that's certainly sparked the inspiration-flavoured neurons!

So, to summarise: Rachel's Haven is particularly awesome (and I loom forward to captioning there again soon!) however, this is fun too!


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Hail and hello! My name is Crow and this is my first collaboration... and my first blog. As such I'll be learning whilst posting and I can only hope not to make too much of a mess, or show up my partner in this endeavour, Ashlee (Totalditz). I've been a big fan of her blog, My Life OMG!, for a long while now and it will be real pleasure to make captions with her. Having put this blog together, it's safe to say that she's the brains of this outfit... as much as that's subjective given the title, and if we can get something half as good (despite my drag factor) I'll be very happy!

Anywho welcome, enjoy and please comment on anything you like, dislike or anything in between. (Seriously! My sole form of sustenance is comments and critique! And remember, a Crow's for life, not just for Christmas!)


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Letter of Release

Welcome to Not2Brite captions!  I'm your co-hostess Ashlee ("Totalditz" on Rachel's Haven and purveyor of the blog "Tis my life - OMG").  Our goal here is to provide fun TG captions about guys ending up as girls who just, well, aren't that bright.  Those girls could be a range of ages and personalities, so I hope you enjoy your stay.

A particular welcome to my partner Crow...with two of us sharing some of our work, I imagine you'll be seeing some great stuff.   As always comments are very very welcome, and suggestions are as well.  Use the email address   if you'd like.  Thanks for stopping by!